Here is a new 2 story mural I did here in Portland, OR. It’s on the corner of Dekum St. and MLK Blvd. It’s an interesting area to have such a piece, which gives a history about the man in the mural and his relation to the area/the city. For more info and photos you can see it here:

Silly story about this mural-

My mother owns a home near this mural and I was staying there this last week. We pass by this all the time but it was only today that I had a good laugh near it.
I was driving with her back to Newberg and we stopped almost directly alongside this building waiting for the light. There was a girl there with her smartphone taking a picture of it over the fence that was built there. A dude about 5 feet away from her with a huge cigar stares at the traffic looking bored as hell. I tell my mother that she must be instagramming or blogging about the mural. 
A moment passes and just as we are about to start driving again, the girl walks off and the cigar dude watches her go and stands EXACTLY where she was standing, pulls out his smartphone, and takes a picture of the mural.
Hipsters travel in packs.

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